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Rewrite of FAQ 288

FAQ 288 is awful, as we can tell from the recent posts about it.

((Stuff in double-parens is for discussion purposes.))

Q: How do I downgrade to Basic? What happens when I downgrade from Plus to Basic?

We offer a Basic Account for those who wish to limit advertising displayed on their journal. Basic Accounts offer fewer features than Plus Accounts or Paid Accounts, but when logged in, users with a Basic Account do not see advertising on their own journal or Friends page, or on other users' Basic Account journals. Switching from a Plus Account to a Basic Account will reduce the limits offered for some features, and remove the ability to use other features.

You may downgrade from a Plus Account to a Basic Account at the [[gmlitem:/manage/account/downgrade.bml.title]] page. ((This string reads "Downgrade to Basic" in en_LJ.)) Please note that you will be unable to view the page if you do not currently have a Plus Account.

Your limit will decrease from 15 to 6. Pictures over this limit will be marked as inactive.

ScrapBook photo hosting
You will not be able to upload any new photos to ScrapBook, and old photos may be deleted after 30 days.

You will no longer be able to use the advanced search options.

Mobile posting
You will no longer be able to make mobile or voice posts.

You will lose the ability to post new polls in your own journal.

You may lose theme and layout settings.

Further Reading

[[faqtitle:193]] ((what happens when my userpic limit changes?))
[[faqtitle:114]] ((what happens when my paid time expires? linked for additional details, since most of it applies to this situation as well.))

Note that I used further reading links - I think those two FAQs are important enough to stand out on their own without being lost as links in the sentences farther up.

Edit: included clarification as suggested by gerg, daydreamer, and jai_dit.
Tags: cat-levels, faq288, status-resolved

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