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Suddenly FAQ! 294

So a surprise FAQ was given to us yesterday, #294, "What is LiveJournal Messenger? How could I use it?"

It needs a little help with grammar and such, since it was written by the Russian LJ team. I figure that once the feature is live, we can fill this in with additional details such as the actual how-to on some of the features. Also, it needs to be moved to site-nav as the feature is not just for Cyrillic users.

Q: What is LiveJournal Messenger? How do I use it?

Summary: LiveJournal Messenger is an instant messaging client, available through your web browser, that uses Windows Live ID technology. You can use it to chat with any of your contacts who use Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger, or MSN Messenger.

Answer: A Windows Live ID is required to use the LiveJournal Messenger service. If you do not yet have a Windows Live ID, you can sign up for one using LiveJournal's [[wmlitem:widget.msmessengerregister.msn_signup]] page. When creating a Windows Live ID, please note that for good security, the password should be different from your LiveJournal password. An email confirming your registration will be sent to the email address currently registered and validated on your LiveJournal account. After registration, the LiveJournal Messenger feature will be activated automatically.

If you already have a Windows Live ID and wish to activate the LiveJournal Messenger feature, or if you want to deactivate it, you can do so on the [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.cat.extensions]] tab of the [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.title.self]] page. ((These strings should read "Extensions tab of the My Account Settings page."))

When LiveJournal Messenger is active, it will appear in the lower right corner of your browser window whenever you are viewing any LiveJournal page, except secure (https://) pages such as the checkout section of the LiveJournal Store. You will need to log in to LiveJournal Messenger with your Windows Live ID to launch the service. Once you are logged in, the LiveJournal Messenger window will display a status area and your contact list.

Status Area

The status area will display the Windows Live ID you used to log in, as well as your current status such as "away". You can choose from four pre-defined status options by right-clicking in the status area, or enter your own status text which can be up to 140 characters.

Contact List

The Contacts list has two sections: "Contacts" and "LiveJournal". If you already have contacts added with your Windows Live ID, they will appear in the "Contacts" section.

You will see LiveJournal usernames in the LiveJournal section of the Contacts list if:
* They do not already appear in the "Contacts" section
* you are mutual friends on LiveJournal
* they are signed in to LiveJournal Messenger
* they have not blocked you

You can move contacts from the LiveJournal section to the Contacts section, and back again. To move a contact from "LiveJournal" to "Contacts", right-click the username and select "Add". To move a contact that is a mutual LiveJournal friend out of the "Contacts" section, delete the contact from the "Contacts" section, and they will re-appear in the "LiveJournal" section.

You may delete, rename, and contacts using the right-click menu. If you block someone on your Contact list, the user you blocked will not be able to see you on their Contact list until you remove the block.

You may add users to your contacts list with the "Add contact" link at the bottom of the Messenger window. The user you wish to add will be notified. The user must approve this action before they appear in your contacts list.


Double-click on any user in your contact list to begin chatting. A new window will be opened for your conversation. Use the text area in the new window to enter and send your messages. You can minimize or restore conversation windows at any time, and they will remain open while you visit different LiveJournal pages. Please note, however, that LiveJournal Messenger does not have a history feature, so the text of your conversation will be deleted when you close the conversation window or your web browser.

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