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lj_userdoc and you; take two.

Let's try this again...

So, there's a pretty new Documentation support category. As coffeechica mentioned in the lj_support post regarding the category, it's intended to help users more easily report problems with documentation and site text.

However, since we don't want to overload the support board with stale green requests, we'll also be using lj_userdoc the way we always have; as a place to discuss and draft changes, and also as a place where users (especially volunteers that specialize in other areas of the site) can make proposals regarding the FAQs. We should never turn away a user who posts here instead of opening a request; and similarly, we'll make entries here for users who open a request but their idea needs to be discussed.

This does mean that the team of FAQ editors will need to watch this community and also keep an eye on the Documentation support category, but in the long run it'll help us get necessary changes implemented faster and with less hassle to the end-user.

Please feel free to post your documentation and/or site text concerns/suggestions/etc. either here or on the support board in the Documentation category -- it'll get done no matter where you post it.
Tags: administrative

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