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I loves da MySpaces!

news advises us that we can now use a widget on MySpace to sync one's possible MySpace with one's dear LJ.

After the example of 279:

How do I update my MySpace profile when I post entries to LiveJournal?

LiveJournal offers a MySpace widget or application to display your most recent public LiveJournal entries, your username, an excerpt of your LiveJournal bio, and the first few of your LiveJournal interests on your MySpace profile.

To use the application, log into MySpace, click More (from the upper nav bar), choose Apps Gallery (from the drop-down) and do a keyword search for LiveJournal. You may also visit the application directly.

Click the 'Add App' or 'Add this App' button. You will be given a pop-up window and prompted to add the application. The application can be displayed on your profile for your visitors to see, on your home page for you to see, or both. You can also let your friends know you have added this application. All of these options are selected by default. Make any changes and click the 'Add' button.

You will be prompted to enter your LiveJournal username, pick the number of posts to display in the widget, and pick colors. Click the 'Save' button when done. (Note to users who restrict what scripts may run in their browsers: Scripts from are required to complete this step.) This application does not request your password.

Once you have installed the LiveJournal app, you can manage it from the My Apps page. Click Profile (from the upper nav bar), choose My Apps (from the drop-down), and locate LiveJournal on the page. Click the Settings link to change its settings, add it back to your Home page or Profile page, and manage application permissions. Click the Remove App link if you wish to remove it completely from your account.
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