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New FAQ: how to get support, where to report a bug/FAQ problem

"how bug is formed? how site get errors?" -- tiferet

While the usual method of Support + FAQ is finding Support and being pointed to the FAQ, it would help to have instructions on

1) Support and where to find it and file a request

2) how to report a bug

How do I get technical support for LiveJournal? Where do I report a bug?

You can contact LiveJournal's technical support for a number of different issues, including general technical support with LiveJournal, and if you have discovered a bug.

You should contact LiveJournal support if you:
have difficulty finding the answer to your question in the FAQ
need to report the death of a LiveJournal user
have found a bug
do not understand a LiveJournal feature
would like more information than is available in the FAQ
would like to know if LiveJournal offers a specific feature
need to change a syndicated feed
have found an error in the FAQs
would like to request a change or improvement to the FAQs
have found an error such as a grammatical or spelling problem on a LiveJournal page
have found out of date information on a LiveJournal page
find a thing that is not working like you think it should
[go through whatgoeswhere?]

LiveJournal support is provided by fellow users of the site donating their time, senior volunteers, and LiveJournal staff. The majority of support is viewable by the public and answers may be suggested by any user, although all suggested answers must be approved by a senior volunteer or staff member before they are sent as an official answer.

Some support requests are handled on a private board, and may only be answered by staff or senior volunteers. If a support request requires an answer from senior volunteers, staff, or developers, the support request may be moved to a private board. If a support request contains sensitive information, it may also be moved.

Special cases:
[rundown of contact page]
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