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Draft for new hover menu FAQ. (#301)

A FAQ about the (contextual) hover menu has been a long time coming as can be seen from this status-pending. The FAQ #s outlined below will either be linked or just a note that they will need to be updated when this FAQ goes live. I already have a blurb to add to #20 to resolve this one.

Could definitely use some input, I was going for a brief explanation followed by a breakdown of the links that are found in the menu. I'm not sure on how to tie in comms and feeds the best and there's a few question marks around the place which could do with extra-hard looking at.

What is the hover menu? Where can I find it?

The hover menu (will be [[gmlitem:setting.ctxpopup.label]]) appears when you hover your mouse pointer over a user's userhead icon () or one of their userpics.

What can I do from the hover menu?

- See your status(?) with that user (FAQ #61)
The hover menu mentions if you list the user as a friend, if they are a mutual friend, if you are watching a feed or community or if you are a member of a community. If you have no current connections with the user, it will simply list their username.

- See a user's userpics (FAQ #1)
Click on the userpic displayed in the hover menu to go see the userpics uploaded by that user.

- See a user's LJ Talk status. (FAQ #270)
If is a personal user who you list as a friend, the hover menu will show whether they are online or offline.

- Add Note/Edit Note
Add or edit your note for that user. (FAQ #295)

- Send message
Send a LiveJournal private message (FAQ #270) to the user using the Inbox

- Add friend/Remove friend
Add a personal user as a friend or remove them if you currently list them as a friend (FAQ #61)

- Join community/Leave
Join a community (#101) or leave a community (#82) that you are currently a member of.

- Watch community/Stop watching
Add a community to your Friends page (#179) or stop watching a community.

- Subscribe to Feed/Unsubscribe
Add or remove a syndicated feed to your Friends page (#137)

- Send a virtual gift
Buy a v-gift from the LiveJournal Gift Shop for a personal user or community. (#260) Unless the user has disabled them.

- Ban user
Ban a user from commenting in your journal (#20)

-Report a Bot
Report a suspected Bot to be reviewed by the Abuse Prevention Team (APT or bot link?)

- View: Journal/Community/Feed
Go to the main page(?) for that user, community to syndicated feed.

- View: Profile
Go to the profile page for that user, community or syndicated feed.

[Edit: Will need to add a short paragraph about how to disable it, discuss whether it should be tacked onto this FAQ or have its own.]
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