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How to display AdSense in custom styles

Here is a rough draft for the reserved faq #303:

If you have your journal style customized, to display Your Journal - Your Money ads on your journal pages, you need to call the "print_ad_box(string type)" method of the Page class in the code of your layout layer. Where 'string' is defining ad format as follows

'' for [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.setting.adsense.horiz_top]]
's2.vertical' for 160x600
'' for 300x250
's2.bottom' for [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.setting.adsense.horiz_bottom]]

To add html code around the ad block, viewer_sees_ad_box(sting type) clause could be used. Where 'string' is an appropriate banner value.


The following code could be used to display the [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.setting.adsense.horiz_bottom]] banner:

var Page p = get_page();
if (viewer_sees_ad_box("s2.bottom")) {
   "<div class=\"ad\">";
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