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Changes to FAQ #75: What are the LJ-specific tags?

erebrandir's <lj-raw> tag is now active (see lj_dev post; see changelog post). Therefore, the following two changes should probably be made to FAQ #75: What are the LJ-specific tags?:

  • Replace "4" with "5" in the very first sentence.
  • After the description of <lj-poll>, add the following:
    5. <lj-raw> ... </lj-raw>
    ... which can be used in a journal entry, in a comment, or in the bio on a profile page (User Info). Nothing between an <lj-raw> tag and before an </lj-raw> tag will be auto-formatted. The <lj-raw> tag need not be closed; if it is not closed, then autoformatting will be deactivated until the end of the entry, comment, or bio. For more information on auto-formatting see:
    ( ).

If anyone wants to re-word the striked-out section, feel free (I used strikeout because I thought that the explanation sounded "cleaner" without it); or if you don't think it's necessary to include, then say so. The rest of the text is pretty much just stolen from the explanations of the other four tags, reworked a bit to fit this tag.

BTW, Someone proposed a different wording a while ago, before the tag actually went active; here it is.

Something might also want to be added to FAQ #26: What does the "Don't auto-format" option do?, but I've not yet gotten around to specific wording, etc.

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