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Minor rewrite to FAQ #26: What does the "Don't auto-format" option do?

A rewrite to FAQ #26: What does the "Don't auto-format" option do?:
By default autoformatting is enabled.

Autoformatting does the following:

- Automatically inserts breaks between lines for you. If you hit "enter" to move down to the next line, that is how the post will appear on your journal.

- When linking to a site, the HTML will be created for you - (e.g. if you type in a post or comment, or in your bio, it will automatically become a link).

If you prefer to format posts yourself (e.g. add <br /> to create a line break) then you should select the "don't auto-format" option. Alternatively, you can disable autoformatting for part or all of a post, comment, or bio, using the LJ-specific tag <lj-raw>; for more information on the <lj-raw tag, see:
( ).

If you don't know what you want, you probably want to keep this option unchecked.
This made a few changes, most notably adding a reference to the new <lj-raw> tag. Hopefully this change will not be made before the change to FAQ #75. :-P

It also added a slash to the end of the <br /> tag, as per the W3C guidelines for backwards- and forwards-compatibility. Granted, this isn't hugely important, because this FAQ wasn't instructive with respect to <br />, but it would seem to make sense to keep modern with sample HTML.

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