Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Sorting the ban-effects list & other ban-related housekeeping

This is seriously fiddly little stuff, but could help immensely in some misunderstandings.

The lists of ban effects or lack of effects are both for personal journals and communities, but do not appear to be ordered such that the comm-only ones are separated.

I'm thinking particularly of "Prevent the user from joining a community, if not already a member." -- that's for when someone is banned from a comm, right, not for a comm you maintain and you've already banned them from your personal journal? I would put that at the bottom of the list and mention that it's for when they're banned from a comm -- or just put in a link to 84 and list the comm-only effects there.

20 already links to 84 at the bottom, but should do so at the top as well.
84 has no link back to 20.
Tags: cat-comm-manage, cat-comments, faq20, faq84, status-pending

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