Don't Techno for an Answer (boredinsomniac) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Don't Techno for an Answer

userpics on recent entries

FAQ 95 on userpic keywords says this:

"If you want your style to display your userpics alongside your entries on your Recent Entries page, you will need to use keywords to select the images when posting and customize your style."

I know you don't need to select a keyword in order for the userpic to display on recent entries. I think most styles will display them without the user going out of their way to make it happen, and I don't think Support gets a lot of questions about how to include userpics on recent entries, so it seems like this is no longer something that needs to be addressed. But definitely the part about the keywords is incorrect.
Tags: cat-userpics, faq95, status-resolved

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