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Info on embedding media

I searched the FAQs for information about the <lj-embed> tag, and came up blank. It might be useful to document its use somewhere, so that people who want to embed videos in comments or their profile can find out how to do so. Possible destinations: FAQ 268 or FAQ6, or both.

Theoretically, the <lj-embed> tag could be used for any kind of embedded media, but, in my experience, the most common use by far is video, so that's what I've used in the wordings. Music does strike me as another major use, though. One could say "embedded media" but then the users who come looking for info about "video" might miss it completely. Feel free to hash that debate out in comments.

Suggested wordings, blatantly copied and edited from the existing FAQs:

For FAQ6
Change the heading to "How do I add images or videos to my entries, comments, or profile?"

New section:
Subheading: "How do I add video to my entries?"
Add embedded video to your entries by using the Embed Media button on the Post an Entry page.
(OP note: This button appears on both the RTE and HTML editors)

New section:
Subheading: "Adding video using the <lj-embed> tag"
You can use <lj-embed> to add embedded media such as videos to your entries, profile, or comments, if the site hosting this media provides you with an embedding code. When using the Post an Entry page, you may need to click the HTML tab before you can use the examples given here. In all of the following examples, replace [embed code] with the embed code provided by the site hosting the media you wish to embed.
<lj-embed>[embedding code]</lj-embed>

For FAQ268
Change the heading to "How do I add videos and other media to my entries, comments or profile?"

Click on the "Embed Media" link (in the HTML editor) or the icon in the Rich Text editor, and enter the embed codes provided by those other sites. In comments, the Edit Profile page, or the HTML editor, you can also use the code <lj-embed>[embed code]</lj-embed>, replacing [embed code] with the embed code provided by the hosting site. Your media will not be embedded until the entry is posted, so it will not show up correctly when previewing the entry.
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