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FAQ 11 - mention OpenID exceptions?

This post brought to you by the numbers 1085457.

There was a ... discussion ... the other day in IRC, prompted by this request, as to whether FAQ 11 should be updated to reflect that OpenID users can often comment without adding/validating an email, per the way unvalidated OpenID accounts are handled as anonymous for the purposes of comment permissions.

The FAQ currently (strongly) implies that this behavior isn't possible, as OpenID is a type of account, and it does say "validate ... to gain access to ... posting comments". This has caused confusion for at least one user (see the request). However, the opposite view is that mentioning any exceptions would "weaken" the FAQ, making users less likely to validate.

A wording compromise was suggested: "Although any OpenID account can comment on journals that allow anonymous comments, only OpenID accounts with a validated email address can leave comments on journals that disallow anonymous comments." ... or something like that. The problem is, I'm not sure where this should go in the FAQ.

Tags: cat-comments, faq11, status-rejected

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