14 lines of iambic pentameter (sonneta) wrote in lj_userdoc,
14 lines of iambic pentameter

Release 65 roundup

Here's a roundup post for FAQs that need to be changed due to Release #65. Suggest wording or other FAQs that need revision in the comments.

  • FAQ 25 - Now users don't have to buy rename tokens to rename.
  • - The howto entry related to this still references rename tokens.
  • LiveJournal tokens - not sure where all we want to mention these, but FAQ 21, FAQ 260, and FAQ 181 could be likely.

  • Speaking of 181, Gift certificates are no more.

  • Repost button: I'm guessing we need to make a new FAQ for that.

  • FAQ 307 on Google Analytics/Webmaster tools will need to include that meta tags can be entered on the Extensions tab of the My Account Settings page (thanks av8rmike!)
Tags: !urgent, cat-accounts, cat-entries, cat-payments, faq181, faq21, faq25, faq260, faq307, faq313, faqadd, status-resolved
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