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Carrie: she tampered in God's domain

we has a temp

There's a new person in the LJ office with us today and I wanted to introduce you, in case you didn't already know her. Bethany, danceinacircle, has been brought on board as a contract worker. Her focus will be working on userdoc. She will work on catching up with our backlog, along with developing a style guide and working on simplifying what we have.

There is a chance in all of this that the FAQ system may change, technically. We don't know what shape it's going to take, but we do know that the current system isn't working and is causing stress for many of you. Our problem has always been that the FAQs have been trying to serve as quick-info self-help as well as being a knowledge base, and it simply can't be both in its current form. Bethany will be working closely with bluemeringue (who has experience with FAQ development and building knowledge bases) on solving this problem, and will be keeping in touch with me to consider the needs of tech support, Abuse, and translators.

I do not know what's going to happen after Bethany's 3-month contract is up, and we know absolutely nothing about when any changes are going to happen, but we'll do our best to keep you in the loop as early as possible, and for the next 3 months, please consider her your staff contact and go to her with any questions you may have.
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