Trixie Leitz (trixieleitz) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Trixie Leitz

Request for new FAQ: "What does "Access denied" mean?"

We get a lot of requests in Entries from people who have followed a link to an entry, only to see the "Access denied" goat, and they want to know why. We explain that they've encountered a protected entry and have to point them to FAQ24 for an explanation of entry security and what it means; however, as that FAQ is intended for users who want to control who reads their entries, it's a bit incongruous. It would be great if we had a FAQ explaining entry security from the reader's point of view.

This FAQ should also cover community member-only entries, with a link to FAQ101. It might also be useful to link to FAQ305, for those situations where the entry author linked the user to the locked entry.
Tags: cat-entries, faqadd, status-pending

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