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FAQ #296: Printing Your Journal & Blurb

A long long time ago, there was some private discussion among the then-admins of Entries about improving FAQ #296 to make it more neutral and thorough about non-Blurb options. Apparently this to-do list has sat in my inbox for a year and two months without me actually doing anything about it, so I'm presenting it here in case someone else feels more motivated!

* depending on how many entries you want to print, you may not be able to print your entire journal using Blurb

* depending on how many entries you want to print and whether you care about comments being included, it may be far easier just to print your journal from the Recent Entries view rather than going to each entry individually

* depending on how comfortable you are with XML, it might be easier to download your entries and then format them for printing that way. (There should be a link to FAQ #8.)

And anything else I may not have thought of when I originally made this list, of course.
Tags: cat-entries, faq296, status-pending

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