A lurking goblin marionette (danceinacircle) wrote in lj_userdoc,
A lurking goblin marionette


1) New FAQ - How do I have my Twitter updates imported daily to my journal? (No, I don't understand why it chose to randomly throw an odd numbered FAQ in there. I don't ask anymore.)

2) 318 has been updated to include "and Twitter".

3) 314 has been updated to include Twitter.

4) 215 has been updated to discuss the ?poster filter for communities. This will eventually find its way into a different FAQ but this is a good home for it for now.

5) 268 has been updated to discuss the lj-map tag. This may end up in it's own FAQ in the revamp but this it's home for now.

6) 283 was edited to include a link to 314, for converting. (Thanks for the reminder Artem!)

I think that's everything from this release. Hopefully.
Tags: faq215, faq268, faq283, faq314, faq318, faq325, status-resolved

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