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NEW FAQ: Memorial accounts

What should I do if a LiveJournal user dies? What is "Memorial" status?

When a LiveJournal user is reported as deceased, their account can be placed in "memorial" status. This disables future entries by the account, but allows for comments on existing entries. It also prevents the journal from being deleted for inactivity in the future.

Friends of a deceased LiveJournal user can send an email to support@livejournal.com with the username of the deceased. Members of the LiveJournal Support team will then place the account in memorial status.

Family members of a deceased LiveJournal user can also email support@livejournal.com with the username of the deceased, and can request that the account be memorialized as explained above, locked (preventing any new comments), or suspended (removing it from view entirely).

Regardless of relationship, for privacy reasons it is not possible for LiveJournal to grant access to a LiveJournal account or release the contents of any protected entries without valid United States court order.

I haven't put this up yet, so leave me thoughts and comments prz. It exists now!
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