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FAQ 285

Does anyone know when Explore LJ went away? I'll change the FAQ, but I need to make sure it's not a recent bug, haha.

The Explore LJ page was a page designed to highlight public entries from LiveJournal users in real time. This page has since been changed to highlight communities, RSS feeds, and interests instead.

Edit: Actually, all the category pages are gone too, so I guess I'll just change it. \o_O/

What is the [[gmlitem:horizon.nav.find]] page?

The [[gmlitem:horizon.nav.find]] area allows you to search LiveJournal, see spotlighted entries and communities, and to easily locate things you are interested in. Recent public entries are categorized into areas of interest ([[gmlitem:vertical.nav.explore.culture]], [[gmlitem:vertical.nav.explore.entertainment]], [[gmlitem:vertical.nav.explore.life]], [[gmlitem:vertical.nav.explore.music]], [[gmlitem:vertical.nav.explore.news_and_politics]], and [[gmlitem:vertical.nav.explore.technology]]) so you can see what LiveJournal users are writing about at any given moment.

Looking for Content

Select a category you are interested in to see what other LiveJournal users are writing about. At the top of the page you may find featured content that the LiveJournal staff found particularly relevant, interesting, or well-written. The entries that follow are updated in real-time to include new public posts and newly edited public posts, so you can refresh the page to see new entries constantly.

Categorizing Content

Recent public posts and recently edited posts are analyzed electronically in order to place them in a given category. Based on keywords and context, all new public entries are routed to the categories in which they may best fit. If you would like to see one of your entries highlighted in a category, you may email feedback@livejournal.com with the subject line of "Explore LJ."

Removing Content

To remove any post of yours from a given category, you may click on the delete button next to that entry on the [[gmlitem:horizon.nav.find]] page. This will not delete your entry from your journal; it will only remove it from appearing in [[gmlitem:horizon.nav.find]]. If you would like your public entries to be excluded from the [[gmlitem:horizon.nav.find]] categories, you may opt-out by going to the [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.cat.privacy]] tab of the [[gmlitem:/manage/settings/index.bml.title.self]] page and disabling the "[[gmlitem:setting.contentpromotion.label]]" option. Opting out of this will remove all of your public entries from the [[gmlitem:horizon.nav.find]] area, both in your journal and posts you make to communities.

If your content is highlighted and you would like it to be removed, you may email feedback@livejournal.com with a subject line of "[[gmlitem:horizon.nav.find]]."
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