The world is a laboratory to the enquiring mind (scolaro) wrote in lj_userdoc,
The world is a laboratory to the enquiring mind

[German] Support info missing / not translated, FAQs17 & 287

I just wanted to link a German user on the support board to the secret question paragraph in FAQ17. This particular paragraph is missing from the German version, there's only one line linking to FAQ287, and that FAQ is in English (apart from a few words).

Right now I don't have time to write a translation (for the request), but will do so tomorrow, if it's still open. Was this an oversight? I hardly ever use the German FAQs, but there seem to be quite a few differences between the English and German version in some places. If you need any help with the translation please give me a shout.
Tags: faq17, faq287, status-rejected

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