A lurking goblin marionette (danceinacircle) wrote in lj_userdoc,
A lurking goblin marionette

Let's make some changes!

So, in doing FAQ drafts, several of us have commented at how there are a lot of things about the current PPP box that we don't like. So, let's change it! Here's the current box (view it on the entry page for the full effect):

This FAQ applies only to Paid, Plus, and Permanent accounts. To check your account type, please see your profile page.
More information on account levels    → Paid Account benefits

Give me suggestions, ideas, revamps, etc. What can we do to make this box friendly, nice to look at, easy to understand, and yet still noticeable? Keep in mind that the themes for the new FAQs are similar - friendly, casual, and short. We want the PPP box to reflect that.

Hit me with your thoughts!

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