Rev. Otana (otana) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Rev. Otana

E-mail versus email

The following FAQs use the word email:

While these use e-mail:

Using one search term does not bring up the results from the other, so when searching for help with my e-mail address last night I couldn't find it even mentioned in the FAQ, because the exact article wouldn't show up unless I searched for the word "email" specifically. Really the FAQs should pick one spelling and stick with it, but regardless perhaps both search terms should bring up all FAQs or at the very least, lead to a "sorry we couldn't find what you were looking for, did you mean ___?" page.

I hope it's okay that I didn't tag this with the FAQs and categories, since it spans so many.
Tags: faq117, faq17, faq202, faq304, status-resolved

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