A lurking goblin marionette (danceinacircle) wrote in lj_userdoc,
A lurking goblin marionette

Making changes and updates

Thanks so much to you guys for posting here and for those of you who make changes when a new entry comes through. I'm currently working a crazy schedule at a new job and am currently in a state of never being at home. It is frustrating the heck out of me, but seeing new suggestions get posted and edits made brightens my day. So <3 on that.

I spent some time this morning making edits and playing catch-up with the past couple of releases, so here's what I've done, plus some extra info I've found out:

- The problem with FAQs not being able to be updated has a work-around until the fix goes live - use Lynx. However, this means you can't preview FAQs, so edit carefully.

- 318: LiveJournal seems to be continually adding sites that we can log in with, so I tried to edit this FAQ to point out the two most popular, Facebook and Twitter, and then leave it generic enough with the others so that we don't have to edit this every time another one gets added. However, that makes for some awkward wording (not helped by my current lack of sleep), so if someone could review and fix the horror that I've put in there, I wouldn't be sad.

- Updated 311 to reflect the fact that sharing is LJ native now, not third-party.

There are some other things here and there that I'm doing, and some drafts of new FAQs that I'm writing for existing and upcoming changes, but I think that's all that I've done that's relevant to this comm for now. Have a pleasant Sunday guys.

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