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whither lj_userdoc?

Hello everyone. There's been a lot of confusion about the volunteer role in lj_userdoc. And that's mostly on us; we've been in a state of confusion about it ourselves. Today we had a meeting that should clear some things up for everyone.

One of the most frustrating parts of being a volunteer docadmin is having to write FAQs for features that just went live: features that you never knew about in advance, but suddenly you feel pressured to be such an expert on the feature that you can instruct others how to use it. That's something that's never been fair to you, and so for the last year or so, we staff members have been writing new FAQs ourselves whenever possible.

However, it is evident from looking at the frequent posts in this community that LJ users still want to be a part of this process. And I really want to keep this volunteer team open for many reasons: mostly that you're really really good at finding our mistakes and telling us. ;)

As Bethany is no longer on staff, editorial duties fall to Michael (mike), and I will be assisting him in the technical aspects of getting faqedit to work. We will be working on getting the new FAQs together and posted, which is going to be a massive process as many of the existing ones were split, merged, and spliced. (And we haven't even talked translation yet. Oy.) But the one thing that we know for certain is that we will need help with the details, which is exactly where the lj_userdoc community shines.

Since some of you have asked: Michael & I have no idea when the new stuff is going to be ready (actually, it's gonna be "lj soon"), so things marked "status-pending" can probably still be done for the sake of helping users now.

As always, being an LJ volunteer means doing something that you enjoy in order to help other users. Those of you with FAQ editing privs: if this sounds like something you want to remain a part of, let me know. Those of you without FAQ editing privs: we need people, so if this sounds like something you want to become a part of, let me know. If you want out, let me know that too. Comments are screened by default; I will unscreen only with your permission.
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