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How do I get tech support? draft

We're adding this at the request of the Russian Support team. This is a draft that came from a draft that came from a Russian draft. Assault it, please. I'm looking especially for:

* quick reference (the wiki is the place to put How Support Works)

* consistency of nomenclature (or, "calling something by the same name all the time")

* wikifying (you know what I mean)


[[TITLE]]What is LiveJournal Support? How can I get help with LiveJournal?

[[SUMMARY]] LiveJournal's Technical Support Team is available to anyone who has a question about LiveJournal or is having a problem using our services. The support main page contains the list of our most common known issues. From there you can search the FAQ area, create a support request, or view the support board where you can see the requests posted by other users.

[[ANSWER]] The support forum, or "board", is the main area where people ask and receive answers. Most of our Technical Support Team are volunteer LiveJournal users who can review the available questions and answering them. All answers are screened and reviewed for accuracy by senior support team members before they are sent on to the user.

Our senior volunteers are in contact with LiveJournal staff members to make sure the most current information is being conveyed. Because of this connection to staff, most questions can be answered thoroughly by volunteers. However, a small team of staff members are also available in special cases requiring account investigation or other sensitive issues.

Recommendations for getting quick answers to your support requests:
  • If you have a LiveJournal account, please log in. This will help our team to get useful technical information about your account and your browser.
  • Before you start writing your request, make sure your question hasn't been already answered in our FAQ section. Use the search or check the full list of frequently asked questions and answers. Try to search a few times, using different keywords and phrases.
  • Since the main request board is public, anyone can see your request, even without logging into LiveJournal. That means you should not include sensitive information, such as passwords, addresses, or phone numbers in your request. If such info is required to investigate your problem, your request will be moved to a special support category where only staff or senior team members will be able to see your request. LiveJournal team members will never ask you for your password.
  • If you are reporting a problem, be as detailed as possible. Describe all your actions and their results, and give the exact text of any error message you see. The more information you give, the easier it will be to investigate. If you're having an unusual problem, it could be useful to include a link to screenshots.
  • You can't attach files to your support request, although you can include a link. If you want to include HTML in your request, you can, but the HTML markup will not be applied to the text. Everything you enter will appear as plain text. Therefore, you don't need to worry about escaping or replacing “<” and “>” characters if you want to show us an example.
  • Don't open multiple requests about the same problem. If you have more information about a request you've opened, please return to that request and leave a comment. Our team prefers to keep all information about your problem at the same URL, as this simplifies investigation.
  • Remember that in most cases, you're talking to a user just like yourself. If you have a complaint about a site policy change, your request might be better addressed via Feedback, which is reviewed by staff members.

Your request is sent. What's next?

In most cases you will get an answer in 24 hours, but in some difficult cases it can take more than that. If it takes a lot of time to investigate the issue, you will be notified via a comment to your request.

As soon as you get an approved answer to your question, a notification will be sent to the e-mail associated with your LiveJournal account, and it will ask if the answer helped you. If so, please click "YES" in the email so that we know to close it and grant credit to the person who answered you. If you were asked for some additional info or the answer you got didn't satisfy you, you can make a new comment to your request. Visit the request URL in your browser to append a new comment.

Our team usually closes requests after 3 days with no response, but we often hold requests as "answered awaiting close" for a longer time depending on the situation. To reopen a closed request, visit the URL in your browser and click on the reopen link in the Status field near the top of the page. On the next page, you can explain in a comment what further help you need so that the team knows how best to continue helping you.

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