Harold (fiddlingfrog) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Calendar function on navstrip while viewing friends page

To start off, I never used the navstrip before the major update a few months ago. When I did enable it I was really pleased to find out that the calendar function on the navstrip lets me (and presumably anyone with a paid/permanent account) use the date function of the friends page much easier than having to manually add ?date=YYYY-MM-DD to the URL.
Unfortunately, when I went to answer a request today and add that info to my answer, having seen the requester with the navstrip on their journal, I couldn't find it in any FAQ. I' mnot sure if it should go in 219 with the reading by date info, or in 264 with the navstrip info. In fact, it's been two years since 264 was updated at all, so maybe a listing of the features available on the strip would be in order.
Tags: faq219, faq264, status-pending

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