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Where are my video albums? How do I upload vidoes to my entries?

This is a draft for a new FAQ about videos, and could theoretically be split into 2 different FAQs (one for albums, one for how to post videos). Let me know if you see any changes that are needed!


Your video albums can be viewed and managed at http://[[username]] You can directly upload videos, create albums, and view your video albums from this page. Inside each album you can easily add your videos to entries, edit the album's security level, delete videos, and change the album or an individual video's name.


Album management

On your Albums page, you can create new albums, upload a video, and see your current storage use as shown in the image below.

Albums page

Clicking on one of your albums allows you to manage the album and see all of the videos you have uploaded to it. Within a specific album you can:

Edit album title & security - Clicking the pencil icon Pencil next to the album title will allow you to edit the album's name and security level.

Managing a video - When clicking on a video, it will load the video and you are also be presented with management options for it. You can change the video's name, move it to another album, change the video's security level, mark it as containing adult content, and post it to an entry from this menu.

Add videos to an entry - When your mouse hovers over a video, its title will appear and a checkbox will appear to the left of this. You can check the box for one or more videos, and use the "Add to post" button to add the video(s) to a new entry.

Adding videos to entries

To add a video to an entry you are composing on the Update Journal page, click the "Insert Media" button Insert Media. You are then presented with several options:

  • Upload video: This option allows you to upload a video from your computer or mobile device directly to LiveJournal by clicking the "Browse..." button. Once you have selected your video, you can also give it a name, assign what album the video should go in, adjust the security level of the video, and specify whether or not it contains adult content.

  • From albums: You can select videos you have uploaded to LiveJournal in the past with this option. Select the album from the "Your albums" dropdown menu, select which video you would like to add to your entry, and click the "Insert videos" button.

  • From another website: You can use the embed code provided by another website and paste it into the field provided here.

If you are using the HTML editor, you can also add the code manually by using <lj-embed>[embed code]</lj-embed>, replacing [embed code] with the embed code provided by the hosting site.

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