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[FAQ Deletion] #208 How do I add my journal to my IM profile?

This is something we just don't see people request to do any more. Deleting the FAQ, raw code for FAQ preserved under lj-cut:


Your journal is located at [[journalurl]] (replacing exampleusername with your username, if necessary). You can use this URL of your journal to add it to your IM profile. Many IM programs have a method of adding links, or allow HTML in the profiles.

You may be able to use HTML to create a link to your journal in your profile. However, every messaging program (including AIM and AOL) uses a different method to create a profile. If using HTML does not work, or you need further assistance, you should consult the help files or support department of the program or website you are using for instructions on how to create a link in your profile.


Embedding Your Journal in Your Profile

If you want your journal to display within your profile window, rather than a regular browser, you can "embed" it. This method of embedding your journal can be done by using an attribute of the link HTML tag, which means that your messaging program must permit HTML. The following HTML will cause your journal to display in your profile rather than causing it to open in your browser window:

<a href="[[journalurl]]" target="_self">My Journal</a>

Replace exampleusername with your username, if necessary. You can replace the text "My Journal" with any text of your choosing. This may not work in every program; as such, you should consult your program's support department for information on embedding your journal into your profile.

Please note, however, that the profile "browser" may not be able to interpret the HTML of your style very well, and therefore may be difficult to view or display improperly. It is possible to create a custom style using a limited amount of HTML, but style creation is only available to Paid accounts.
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