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[FAQ Deletion] #300: How do I update my MySpace profile when I post entries to LiveJournal?

The referenced MySpace widget no longer exists as best I can tell, and even if it does, this is not a commonly desired function any longer. FAQ text preserved under lj-cut:


LiveJournal offers a MySpace widget or application. It shows the most recently posted public entries in your journal. It also shows basic public information about your journal, including your default userpic, your username and a link to your LiveJournal profile and journal, your displayed name, the top section of your bio, and the top section of your interests. This application does not request your password, as it displays only public content, and does not verify journal ownership.


The widget is available in Myspace's Apps Gallery, and can be found by searching for LiveJournal or by visiting the widget's page directly.

After adding the widget, you will be prompted to pick and save options and settings. The widget can be displayed on your profile and on your home page, and you can notify your friends that you are using this widget.

MySpace offers Help articles on adding, editing, and removing apps, although they may change their documentation or site at any time.
Add apps
Control apps
Delete apps

Further Reading:

howto tutorial.
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