Mark (markf) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Clients category removal & outlined changes

This is an outline of the plans to remove the Clients FAQ category and what to do with the FAQs currently in it. The word "Client" isn't even a term I see in use anymore, and should be phased out in favor of "app" which the world has decided is the only acceptable word to use when referring to any form of software. The entire category ( is a mix of references to desktop apps that exist, how to build your own app, and why the app you built/use is returning errors. Most of the information and apps are extremely outdated. There isn't enough here to warrant having an entire category, so the FAQs will be moved to appropriate categories. - This mainly just references which is horribly out of date. This FAQ will be removed, and information will either be added to along with updated information about mobile apps, or if there are more current apps out there than I am aware of, this can have its own FAQ. Other than Semagic, though, I'm not really aware of any up to date and still being used LiveJournal apps. If you know of any, please comment with any information you have about them! All references to the /download page should also be removed from other FAQs and anywhere else on the site links to it appear. - merge with into a single FAQ about troubleshooting app errors. New FAQ category should probably be Troubleshooting. - Re-write into a basic explanation of the various APIs / protocols that exist, but mostly just refer to and Should move to "Working with other sites" FAQ category.
Tags: clients, deleted faqs

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