Ronja Rövardotter (snm_ronja) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Ronja Rövardotter

How can I buy a premium theme for my journal? What is the Themes shop?

In the LiveJournal shop there is a "LJ Shop Themes" page, where you can buy a premium theme for your journal or community. Every LJ user regardless of his or her account type can buy any theme available. You can even buy out a whole theme so that it will no longer be available for other users in the LJ shop (though it will still be available for users who have already purchased it).

How do I buy the Theme I like?

Go to the LiveJournal shop page and choose a theme. Click the zoom icon in the upper right corner and check out how the theme you have chosen will appear in your journal. There is a price under each theme as well as the number of users who have already purchased it.

To buy a theme, click on the theme image, then choose the journal to apply the theme to. At this step you can also decide whether you wish to buy a theme for the particular journal/community, or you would rather buy out the whole theme. After that, click on the button.

You can then choose the jounal or community you are buying this theme for from the dropdown menu. You can only choose your own journal or a community you own or maintain. If you wish to apply this theme immediately, check the box ☑ Apply theme after purchase.

You can also buy out the whole theme. This means it will disappear from the shop and nobody else will be able to buy it. Note that for users who have already bought it this theme will still be available.

There are different prices for different themes. There is a discount for Paid and Permanent account owners. Moreover, you get a discount when buying a theme for a community with paid account (even if you have Basic or Plus account).

Any purchased themes will remain available to you for the life of your account. You can always choose it as your current theme on the Select Journal Style page. If you have purchased a theme for one of your communities, do not forget to select it in the "Work as User" field and press "Go".

How do I customize a purchased theme?

After purchasing a theme, you can customize it. To do this, go to the Select Journal Style page and click the "Purchased" tab. Select the theme and press "Customize". You are then redirected to the "Customize Journal Style" page, where you can edit additional parameters. Which parameters you can adjust for a particular theme is specified on the "Buy theme" page.

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