Ronja Rövardotter (snm_ronja) wrote in lj_userdoc,
Ronja Rövardotter

FAQ #342 (to en_LJ) Why my journal/community/entry does not participate in LiveJournal Ratings?

I cannot see my journal/community in Ratings feature!

If your journal or community is absent in Ratings, check the following:

All these conditions must be fulfilled for journal or community to appear in Ratings. When all the settings are adjusted, the journal or community will appear in Ratings only after their annual remeasurement.

Please note that there are restrictions on participants number in every Rating of users and communities. This means a journal can participate in Ratings but be absent in a certain type depending on current values.

Ratings Visibility for an Individual Entry

Even if your journal or community participate in Ratings feature, you can exclude certain entries from the Ratings. To do this, you should check the box "Do not include in ratings" on the posting new entry page. If your journal or community does not participate in Ratings, you will not see this checkbox. This box will also be automatically checked (with no alternatives) if you are posting a private entry, as private entries are not displayed in Ratings.

My journal, community or entry is not displayed in one of the Ratings type

A journal, entry or community can be absent in one type of Ratings only. The scenarios could be as follows:

Most likely, this happened because Protection from driving the numbers up has been activated. This system prevents certain users from artificially driving the numbers up and thus promoting in Ratings. If this system reacts to a certain journal/community/entry, it is automatically excluded from one of the Ratings type. They may appear in Ratings again next time if the system does not count them suspicious.

Moreover, an entry, a journal or a community may be excluded from Ratings by LiveJournal administration if there is a suspicion that you have conciously manipulated Ratings. All mischievous actions aimed at gaining in the ranking (such as artificial audience attraction, using bots and so on) are considered manipulating.

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