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FAQ #116.

lierre recently helpfully sent me to FAQ #116.

While there, I noticed a few things that might be changed:
  1. It refers to /paidaccounts/ for a list of the benefits of Paid Accounts, rather than to FAQ #131.
  2. It doesn't mention the "Cannot Find Server" error, which may or may not be more common for other people (I don't know), but is the only error that I've ever gotten (unless you count the "File Not Found" error, which isn't LiveJournal's fault but my own). I would add that to the brief list of errors given.
  3. It might mention that the status page is maintained on an independent server, though I'm not sure if that's necessary (it depends what types of people will be reading this FAQ).
  4. UTC (GMT) is perhaps not a widely known time zone in the U.S., and while I recognize the importance of W3C's international standard, it seems that it could be put a little more clearly? Perhaps, "8:00 PM UTC/GMT (12:00 PM PST) and 6:00 AM UTC/GMT (10:00 PM PST)" (assuming I did those calculations correctly; daylight savings confused me, especially since I don't even live in Pacific Time . . .).
  5. Lastly, I don't have an actual recommendation here, but it seems to be a bit of a Catch-22 to have lj_maintenance on your friends list, but be unable to view your friends page . . .

Unrelated: anyone interested in seeing some impressive on-the-fly markup should see lierre's comment to this post.


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