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FAQ Organization

I've been thinking about opiummmm's post and decided to make an attempt at a reorganization of the FAQs. I'm hoping it will provoke more conversation, since I think it's a really good idea. I've attempted to come up with at least a moderately intuitive grouping, and have the questions try to go from simple to complex, or at least more used features to lesso. And to put weird problems later than guides. Although, I admit this is just a first attempt created out of boredom.

About LiveJournal:
Who runs LiveJournal?
What is it?
It's free?
How can I help?

Creating a Journal:
How do I get validated? It says I'm currently not validated!
Why are there errors when I try to validate?
How do I get started?
Can I change my username later?

Your Account:
What are the different account types?
What's a paid account? How do I get one?
How can I buy a paid account for somebody else?
I forgot my username / password!
How can I change my password?
How can I change the email address that LiveJournal uses?
Why isn't my entry showing up where it is supposed to?

The interests on your userinfo page
How does my Calendar work?
How do I set up my Message Boards and see comments?
How do I manage my Friends List?
What is the auto add friends link on the bio pages?
What is the memory feature and how do I use it?
Custom Mood Themes
How does the text messaging feature work?
Why am I not showing up in the directory? I chose to be listed!

To-Do List:
What is a LiveJournal todo list?
How do I add a todo list item?
Can I edit a todo list item?
Are there limits on the number of todo items I can have?
Can I look at another user's todo lists?

How do I add a mood icon to my posts?
Current music
What is the Backdate entry option, and how do I use it?
What's the "Don't auto-format" option do?
How do I add a link to another journal or another web site in my entry?
What are the LJ-specific Tags?
How do I modify the look of my journal?
How do I make text bold, italic or centered?
How do I change the font in my journal?
How can I change what my "comments" links say?
How do I change the number of journal entries that are shown?
How can I embed a poll into my journal entries?
Why can't I use JavaScript in my styles?

How many user pictures can I have?
How do I upload my user pictures? Can anyone help me with graphics?
How do I post using a different userpic?
I no longer want a user picture on my journal, can I delete my pic(s)?
How do I add pictures to my journal entries?
How do I add a Background Image?

Editing & Deleting:
Can I edit/delete a comment I posted or that was posted in my journal?
Can I edit an old entry I wrote?
Can I delete an old entry from my journal? From a community?
Why are my posts showing an incorrect date/time?
Why does my journal (or friends view) suddenly require me to scroll?
Can I delete my entire journal?

Security/Privacy Features:
How do I secure my password and prevent other people from logging into my
What is Comment IP Logging? What do you mean, "this user is logging my IP
Can I prevent anonymous people from commenting in my journal?
Can I prevent all people from commenting in my journal?
Can I ban specific users from posting in my journal?
Who can read my journal entries? How can I make things public, private,
and protected?
Can I do anything to stop my journal from ending up on search engines?
Reporting Abusive Users
If someone lists me as a friend will they see my friends only entries?
My friends only posts are listed as public memories, who will see them?

Client - Windows:
How's the music auto-detection work?

Topic Directory:
How does the "Browse By Topic" feature work?
I don't want to be in topic directory, so could you remove my entry from
the listing?
Will people actually use this?
Can I be an administrator?

What is a community?
How do community (shared) journals work?
Can anyone create a community?
What are the options regarding open and closed communities?
How do I configure my community?
Can I delete a community?
How do I find a community?
How do I post in a community?
Can I leave a community?
Can I post a "members only" post in a community?
Can someone remove or ban another member of a community?
If I join a community, and make a friends only post in my journal, can the
other members of the community see my post?

How do I embed my journal into my home page?
Can I download my entire journal?
Do you delete old journal entries?
LiveJournal users are stealing my bandwidth from referencing images
directly from my webserver. Stop them!
What are the fast servers?

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