Nikki (chaoticgoodnik) wrote in lj_userdoc,

Proposed addition to Calendar FAQ

I think that the calendar FAQ could stand to be fleshed out. Beyond the cut is an answer I just wrote for request 65564 which deals with subject lines and navigation while viewing them. If there's consensus that this would be a good idea, I'm willing to polish up my answer into a draft for rahaeli or gooner or whoever to go over. :)

You can view a hyperlinked list of subjects by using the Calendar view, which is described in the referenced FAQ. To view your calendar, click the link in the left side navigation bar labeled "Calendar". To view the any user's calendar, click the calendar link while looking at any of the other views of their journal. (For more information about views, please see this page: .)

Once you are looking at the calendar, look for the "[subjects]" link next to each month. You can view all the subject for a month; clicking a subject will take you to the corresponding journal entry. Also, you can easily navigate between months by using the drop-down box or the green triangles, which both appear in the blue box above the subjects for a particular month.

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