Kristin (cafemusique) wrote in lj_userdoc,

FAQ 33 - Why are my posts showing an incorrect date/time?

Suggestion, that the first paragraph should be changed to read:

If the date or time of a post is showing up incorrectly this just means that the clock on your computer a computer from which you have posted to your journal is now or was at sometime some time set to the wrong date or time. This could affect all posts made after the incorrect post. First make sure that the calendar, time, and time zone are all now set correctly on your computer.
Then edit the date/time of the entries that are incorrect by doing the following:

Two corrections, there. The first is to cover the situation where somebody has used a library/school/public computer with an incorrect date to post. This may need some altering...if "your computer" is thought to be clearer, perhaps instead of the delete-and-replace I've suggested above, the passage could incorporate both possibilites as follows:

...the clock on your computer (or another computer from which you have posted to your journal) is now or...

The second correction is a correction related to grammar. I don't believe "sometime" is correct here. But now that I'm posting, I'm becoming more unsure of myself. Any other opinions on "sometime" vs. "some time?"

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