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Suggested change to FAQ 132: Language Settings

[Note: I posted this idea to suggestions, and was re-directed here, so sorry if you've seen this before.]

FAQ 132 is the "Can I view LiveJournal in my native language" FAQ. It explains how to change your language settings. If your current language settings are for a language you do not read, you may not be able to read this FAQ. If you are a new user and your language is not English, you cannot read this FAQ (though the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the LJ interface helps).
Implementing this list of linked icons (or other display mechanism) would permit a user to read this FAQ in his or her native language, if the FAQ had already been translated.

One solution to this would be to have a list of links on the FAQ to display it in a specific language (many thanks to ijikeru for the modification to my suggestion and the list of how the links would kind of look):

English: url for English version
Français: url for French version
日本語: url for Japanese version

Clicking the link should not change the user's language settings permanently, and the FAQ would have to address that, so users don't believe it's the link to actually change their own language settings.

One potential annoyance would be having to update the list every time FAQ #132 was translated to a new language, but perhaps there is a programming solution to that? I don't know enough about the translation process to know.

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