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Revised list of Guides

mentuhotep and I discussed at how information on using LiveJournal would be divided between Guides, and how the Guides would be arranged in a manual. Since we agreed to make numerous changes to my original proposal, I'm posting here a revised table of contents, which I think represents the outcome of our discussion. I've made a couple more changes, though, to make it easier to group FAQs under these headings. "User Pictures" is now a separate Chapter, and I've moved the "Security Levels" Guide from "Journal Entries" (which is overcrowded with FAQs) to the Chapter dealing with Friends. This arrangement is not final -- changes can still be made as necessary.

Here's the list of chapters:
Chapter 1: Finding Your Way Around (includes the Topic Directory)
Chapter 2: Your Account
Chapter 3: User Pictures
Chapter 4: Journal Entries
Chapter 5: Comments
Chapter 6: Friends & Security Levels
Chapter 7: Communities
Chapter 8: Customizing Your Journal
Chapter 9: Additional Features (includes To-Do Lists)
Chapter 10: Conflicts with Other Users
Chapter 11: Volunteer Activities

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And here's the complete table of contents, with links that IE5 users can click on to preview the Guides that are currently in development:

Chapter 1: Finding Your Way Around
  • Viewing journal entries [including the Calendar]
  • Profiles (User/Community Info)
  • Topic Directory
  • Searching for journals
  • Interests
  • Where to learn more
Chapter 2: Your Account
  • Free vs. paid accounts
  • Account payments
  • Privacy issues
  • Creating an account
  • Logging in to your account
  • Lost and hacked accounts
  • Deleting your journal
Chapter 3: User PicturesChapter 4: Journal Entries
  • The Update Journal page
  • Fonts and colors in journal entries
  • Links in journal entries
  • Pictures in journal entries
  • Text layout in journal entries
  • Polls in journal entries
  • Editing or deleting an entry
Chapter 5: Comments
  • Posting a comment (should mention timestamps)
  • Deleting a comment
  • Receiving comments (including notification e-mails)
  • Controlling who can comment
  • IP address logging
Chapter 6: Friends & Security Levels
  • What are Friends?
  • Editing your Friends list
  • Reading your Friends' posts
  • Security Levels
  • Friend groups
Chapter 7: Communities
  • What are Communities?
  • Joining a Community
  • Posting to a Community journal
  • Creating a Community
  • Maintaining a Community
Chapter 8: Customizing Your Journal
  • Where to make changes
  • Journal colors
  • Mood icons
  • Page layout styles
Chapter 9: Additional Features
  • Memorable Posts
  • Your To-Do List
  • Text messaging
  • Exporting your journal
Chapter 10: Conflicts with Other Users
(Need input from abuse team)
Chapter 11: Volunteer Activities

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